UKK Championship



UKK Championship (PUBG MOBILE) Note

Term & Condition

CP : Kevin (+62)812-8026-5800

1. All Participants must Subscribe Youtube UniPin Gaming
Link :

2. All Participants Must Post the Banner in their Social Media and Join Group Discord :

3. Each team only can send Maximum 2 Squads

4. All Winners that goes to Main Event UniPin SEACA 2019 in Jakarta Must Have Passport, The Passport must be done by participants not by Organizer.

5. All Winners will be had accommodated Airplane Tickets, Hotels, Allowance when goes to UniPin SEACA 2019 in Jakarta.

2019 UKK Championship by UniPin eSports.

The following are the Official terms and conditions UKK Championship by UniPin eSports. All participating Players and Teams must Obey the rules and restrictions described in these official rules, including how to behave in a Good manners.

Terms & Conditions may vary at the sole discretion UniPin eSports referred to as “the Organizer”, and shall be final. Any debate or disagreements from the participants may result in a disqualification. No further correspondence from the Organizer is required.

Official UniPin eSports & Regulation
General Regulation
1. All players require have their own passport, without it players are not eligible to participate in this tournament.
2. During the competition period, participants are not allowed to make repeated entries to participate in other events within using another name or identity.
3. All players must be Citizen from Malaysia and are domiciled in Malaysia.
4. Each team (or individual) participating in the UKK Championship must provide current, detailed and accurate information of the team and all team members by registering in SEACA.GG
5. Once the schedule is confirmed, no advance and extension requests will be accepted before the match (except for specific cases*).
6. All players are required to join the appointed discord channels given. Players are also re-quired to change their name in discord to (TeamName.IGN) so that it is easier for oppo-nents and organizer to identify you.
7. If the team (or individual) does not inform the UKK Championship Organizing Committee that they are unable to participate in the competition on time, and are absent from the day’s competition, they may be considered as a forfeiture.
8. The use and security of the game peripherals is the individual responsibility of the participants.
9. UniPin eSports will not be responsible for any in-game malfunction due to the use of personal peripherals and the Internet Connection using your own “Package Data “ , Wifi only for Back UP and not recommended.
10. All teams and players participating in the tournament should play their best in every game.
11. After game starts, players are not allowed to Voice chat on the public channel.
12. Team managers need to help players control their emotion and encouraged them finish ongoing match when conflicts occurred. Referee on duty will help solve the conflict after the game.
13. All Players must stay at the venue from beginning till the end of the event
14. All Players must bring their own Device for playing PUBGM , Organizer not provide any devices.
Rules and Regulation PUBG MOBILE

1. Only Teams that registered in SEACA.GG can join the match with their nickname registered.
2. The main media for communication about the SEACA 2019 tournament will be using DISCORD and WhatsApp.
3. This tournament only uses smartphones, not allowed to use
Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the like.
4. TEAMING or collaboration with other teams is strictly prohibited. If it is found, the offending team will not get points in the round. If it is still done in the next round, the team will be disqualified.
5. All participants are prohibited from using BUG intentionally. If it is found, the offending team will not get points in the round. Use it twice the teams will be disqualified from tournaments.
6. Flaming / Cheating / Toxic , a warnings will be delivered by the Committee. If this is repeated, the committee is allowed to decide whether the team is disqualified or not.
7. The Room Lobby will be Created at 15 minutes before the game start.
8. Using any kind of illegal programs is prohibited and if they found out using the illegal programs Organizer have right to disqualified cheating teams from tournaments.
9. Game Format will be TPP ( Third Person Perspective).
10. There will be 2 Matches ( Erangel , Miramar ) for each Qualifier and 4 Matches in Final Rounds ( Erangel, Miramar, Erangel, Miramar ).
11. Scoring Systems will be used in this tournaments by TOTAL POINTS = Kill Points + Placement Points. Below is the table scoring that used.
Placements Point
1 30
2 22
3 19
4 16
5 14
6 12
7 10
8 8
9 7
10 6
11 5
12 4
13 3
14 2
15 1
16 0
17 0
18 0
19 0
20 0
Kill Point 1
15. The Committee's decision is final and cannot be contested
16. All participants must provide evidence to the committee in the form of screenshoots / videos in all types of reports such as the alleged use of BUG / Illegal Programs by other participants / teams.
17. By registering, you are deemed to have fully understood and agreed to the rules that have been made. You are also considered to have agreed with the sanctions that have been determined by Organizer.
18. All Participants must come to the venue at least 50 minutes before the match start.